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E-mail & Web Security

Organisations today need a fresh approach to secure their networks from any kind of attacks by hackers or cybercriminals

Organizations should routinely audit their sender allow lists, and at the very least, consider removing their own domains and any related domains from their allow list since spammers most often will spoof a victims email address or domain.

Organizations may also need to create strict policies regarding the inclusion of entries to their sender allow list, including creating qualifying thresholds for those entries being domains that are utilizing SPF and/or DKIM. We assist you in proactively identify and address risks. Protect against upcoming threats and plan for infrastructure changes.

We provide our service through IT service providers and we also OEM technology to other email security services.

  • Email security service which filters your email for spam and viruses.
  • Email continuity service which will keep your employees working even when your primary email service is unavailable.
  • Email archiving service so you have a company repository of email from which you can easily retrieve any emails you may need to re-discover
  • Brand and Sign service which transforms your company emails to manage users signatures and add company marketing messaging to outbound emails